Sketched that as a friendly reminder that I dress the way I want to. Some people disagree with that, well, sorry but not sorry. I’m 26, I’m not a 15-years-old insecure girl. If I don’t go by your standards or conventions, well, I won’t apologize.
I’m perfectly okay with who I am, with my body, and I just follow my needs and ideas, maybe they’ll be different from yours, but nobodies is right or wrong.

Just be yourself, people, life’s too short to hide your true self because others wants you to have the same frustrations or insecurities they have!

Love you all~
"Getting" your character is one of the greatest feeling in the world.
I saw this girl with the longest hair ever at the supermarket, and I saw that Sketch_Dailies’ theme today was Rapunzel, so why not a modern Rapunzel? =)
Fighting everyday. Won’t give up.
Little Alice sketch =)
Rapunzel for a commission =) Duh I really need to practice feet. And hands.
Tahiri and Casey! Some of my OCs I didn’t draw for a veeeeery long time. It was fun sketching them again! I need to draw the other 2 characters from their little gang… ;) 

Ballpoint pen and then some colors in SAI. Not very precise, I was in the train, it was shaking!