HTTYD 2 has been released in France at last! I already saw it 4 times! (thanks the premiere to Annecy some weeks ago, then my lovely cinema card; I can go back as much as I want!) I love it it was sooo good and I cried so much. Really. These movies are very importants to me…

Sky spirit and dragon heart.

So have little inspired Viking! Crys. (after all, I DO have some Vikings in my ancestors for real ^^ which is quite surprising when you know how much I can’t stand cold)
A little tribute to one of my all-time favourite movie ever. I can’t wait to see the second one. I can’t say how much I love HTTYD, how much it means to me. A movie I felt in my heart and soul~
Jaina Solo was my role model when I was 13. I really liked Tenel Ka too, too. I might draw her just next. 

The EU had some strong female characters. I grew up with them, and I’m quite upset they decided to erase it.
I still have hope that at least the Solo twins will make it to the new movie, even if they have a different backstory.
Inspired by Chris Sanders’s work! =)
A background I did for a commission! For once I like the background better than the characters… so I’ll just go for that! I love drawing palmtrees <3
Sketched that as a friendly reminder that I dress the way I want to. Some people disagree with that, well, sorry but not sorry. I’m 26, I’m not a 15-years-old insecure girl. If I don’t go by your standards or conventions, well, I won’t apologize.
I’m perfectly okay with who I am, with my body, and I just follow my needs and ideas, maybe they’ll be different from yours, but nobodies is right or wrong.

Just be yourself, people, life’s too short to hide your true self because others wants you to have the same frustrations or insecurities they have!

Love you all~
"Getting" your character is one of the greatest feeling in the world.